Pillow Benefits


            Perfect for those who have neck pain, back pain, or pinched nerves.  The pillow is soft and thick enough to keep you comfortable, yet still flat enough to keep your head and spine aligned to avoid kinking or pinching of your nerves. 




            Perfect for those wearing hearing aids, earrings, or have CNH pressure sores.  The hole is designed to allow the ear to rest comfortably without touching the pillow. The 4" hole is large enough to avoid the ear but small enough so that the head rests on the pillow.  




                        While lying on your back, the center hole allows the head to sink down until the spine is aligned, while providing neck support. This helps you get a better night's sleep and a more productive tomorrow.         






                              The corners are cut off so that when you lay on your side, your mouth is not constricted by unnecessary pillow fabric with no stuffing. This may reduce snoring. 





                                    Side sleepers benefit because the center hole prevents pressure on the ear while supporting the neck and keeping it aligned. 

                                    A lot of people fall asleep to music with an earbud.  This center cut out will allow you to fall asleep better.  Simply run the cord under the pillow and up thru the hole to your ear.  Say goodbye to the earbud pain.  






                                          The side cut outs are great for those wearing CPAP masks. The mask fits right in the cut out so that both your head and chin can have support, not like using a regular pillow.  





                                            The side cutouts are also wonderful for side sleepers who want good neck support. By lying with your shoulder in the curve, both the front and back of the head and neck are supported. No more waking up and finding the pillow beside you.





                                            Stomach sleepers can get a great night's sleep when hugging the pillow on each side in the curves. This allows your arms to wrap around without having to squeeze the pillow and having it bunch up on your chest. The pillow will lay flat giving you the best sleep of your life!



                                                 Disclaimer: The Sleep Right Pillow does not suggest, promote or state that it will cure disease, prevent any ailment, such as migraines, Scoliosis, slipped discs, etc.  The Pillow is to be used as an aid for better comfort while sleeping.   




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